Enrolment & Induction

Mr Ling

Head of Year 12

Nadia Abdulgani

Sixth Form Pastoral Manager

To the 2021/22 Year 12, welcome to your time at FUS Sixth form. Deciding on where to complete the next step for your learning is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have ever made and you have the potential to achieve brilliant things during your time with us.

Our goal is to help you on your journey to whatever it is you want to do in life, while allowing you to grow and develop as young adults.

Please find below your online induction. After an introduction on life at FUS from our Student leadership please watch the short IT induction video so you’re ready with a student login for your first days in the Sixth Form.

Finally, you need to have read through the documents below including the student handbook and letters, which will answer most of the questions you have for the first few days. Please print off and bring in a signed copy of the learning contract which I’ll collect in at the end of Mondays assembly.

I really look forward to meeting you all, and please do get in contact if you’re unsure of anything.

Mr S Ling

Head of Year 12

Welcome From Principal Students

IT Induction Video

Please Note: There may be a delay in accessing your Go4Schools account, a linking process takes place in the background and can take some time.

If Joining a personal device to our WiFi system a security certificate will need to be installed on to your device, please see below for instructions on how to do this.

Security Certificate For WiFi Access

To keep users of our network safe we utilise Netsweeper Web Filtering, on user’s personal devices a security certificate is required to be installed so that your device can be trusted to display secure content, please follow the guide below for your type of device and install the certificate (this can be done in advance of arrival at school and can also be done before joining the WiFi system here). 

iOS / iPadOS

  • Open Camera App
  • Scan QR Code above by poiting your devices camera at the QR code
  • Tap the link that comes up
  • Tap Allow
  • Tap iPhone / iPad if prompted
  • Tap close when downloaded and prompted
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone / iPad
  • Look for Profile Downloaded at the top of the Settings App (on older versions of iOS/iPadOS you may have to tap General and then Profile.
  • Tap the box that says Profile Downloaded
  • Tap Install
  • Enter your device passcode
  • Tap Install as many times as prompted
  • Then head back to the main page in the settings app and tap ‘About’
  • Tap ‘Certificate Trust Settings’ at the bottom of this page
  • Toggle to ‘On’ the checkbox that says Root Certificate Authority
  • That’s it!


  • Using your phone camera (or a QR reader app) scan the QR code above
  • A webpage will load and most likely disappear right away
  • Swipe down from the top to open your notification tray and tap the notification about a certificate download
  • Enter a friendly name when prompted, FUS WiFi for example
  • Tap Ok or Done
  • That’s it!

Windows Laptop

  • Click this link: Certificate Download
  • Download the certificate
  • Open it from where it downloaded to
  • Click or tap Install Certificate
  • Leave as Current User
  • Click or tap Next
  • Leave as Automatically select a certificate store
  • Click or tap ‘Next’
  • Click or tap ‘Finish’