In addition to their timetabled lessons, all students will have some periods timetabled for working in the study centre;
this is to encourage good study habits to develop early in Year 12.
Students who have been advised to take three rather than four subjects in their first year will have additional assisted study periods to help support their learning fully.

At various points, students may be offered the chance to take up additional qualifications. For example, our most able students may decide in the summer of Year 12 to complete an
Open University module (known as YASS) and all students can complete a Level 2 qualification in Community Volunteering to broaden and improve their skills profile.

All our Sixth Form students are encouraged to become active members of the school community.
This takes many forms and includes leading charity events within the school, becoming members of the Sixth Form Student Union, speaking at and supporting school
open evenings and information evenings, leading assemblies and generally acting as role models for the Lower School in a variety of roles.
In Year 13, three or four students are selected to become Principal Students and they lead teams of Senior Students involved in such things as the ‘Buddy’ Programme and the Senior Subject Students.