Life in Sixth Form

Sixth Form Community
All our Sixth Form students are encouraged to become active members of the school community.  This takes many forms and includes:

•    Leading charity events within the school
•    Becoming members of the Sixth Form Student Voice
•    Speaking at and supporting school open evenings and information evenings
•    Leading assemblies
•    Generally acting  as role  models  for  the  younger students

Some recent  charity  events  organised by  our  Sixth Formers include a British Tea Party, a Brazilian themed end of exam celebration and (of course) a bouncy velcro wall and tug of war.

Extra-curricular  activities  are  very  popular  with  our students; many have achieved awards and acclaim for their  sporting achievements, musical contributions and theatrical performances.

In Year 13,  a small group of students are selected to become Principal Students. They lead the following Senior Student groups:

•    The Student Mentor Team
•    The Subject Team
•    Student Voice Team
•    International Student Buddy Team

Enrichment Programme
Students will be asked to take up enrichment activities to enhance their applications to university or employment. Our  in-school  programme  changes annually, but  we typically offer options such as work experience, a short online course  (MOOCS), sports  leadership qualifications and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

World Challenge
This summer 8 of our students embarked on an expedition to Ecuador  with  World  Challenge, where they trekked through  beauty spots and  hiked up  volcanoes. They also undertook a local community project where they helped with  some structural renovation. This year we have launched our 2018 expedition to  Swaziland  and Mozambique where students will take part in a marine conservation   project   (including   photographing  and snorkelling with whale sharks) as well as some building work at a local school. Furthermore, this expedition will include a safari, zip lining over tree canopies and some R&R at a beach resort. Our Sixth Form is always proud to  support  our  students with  their  World  Challenge expeditions which give them skills and experiences which will stay with them for life.

Hexis is a programme that helps students to become
‘work ready’ by bridging the skills gap between school and employment. They have to go through a series of gruelling interviews  to define their professional strengths and weaknesses. Following  this they are set business tasks to complete in their study time. These tasks help them develop their professional weaknesses.  HEXIS is closely linked to businesses on the Ferndown Industrial Estate. Students who  complete the HEXIS course are
more confident  and ultimately more employable.

Study Centres
We have two study centres for Sixth Form students. We have the JTSC reserved exclusively for Year
12 use. Students have ten hours a fortnight timetabled in for quiet study. This is so they can
build good study habits and make good progress in their A Levels. The room is supervised by our
study centre manager, who is also the Head of Year 12, and ensures a purposeful working
environment. Year 13s have an exclusive study centre (B8) in the middle of the quad. This room is also supervised.

Each centre has approximately 25 computers for students to work on. If a computer is not available, students
can use their own computer, tablet or phone to access the Internet through the school Wi-Fi.

Overseas Students
We are proud of our overseas students at FUS. Each year we have groups of students from
overseas—Germany, Italy, Hong-Kong, Columbia (to name a few countries). FUS Sixth Form  is a
popular destination for  overseas students as our students make them feel so welcome. Some students
stay for a short period whereas others are part of the community for the full two years and leave
with excellent A-level  grades (despite studying in a second language). Having overseas students
allows us to  run workshops to develop students understanding of different cultures and languages.

Common Rooms and ‘Flexitime’
Students in Sixth Form have exclusive use of two common rooms, featuring a kitchen, comfortable
chairs, and a pool table. Students are able to use some of their ‘independent study time’ to socialise.
Students are also entitled to ‘flexitime’ – the ability to sign in and  out of school  when they do not have lesson. This
arrangement will normally begin in the second half of the autumn term. This freedom is only given
to students who meet the measure of the 4Ps—Participation, Punctuality, Planning and Progress. Simply put, if students are not succeeding
on their courses we will remove flexitime or ban them  from the common rooms. Whilst this is not
always popular, we believe it is essential for success; our number one priority in Sixth Form is
academic excellence.

Open Access Wi-Fi
Every Sixth Form student at FUS can bring their own device from home and connect to the dedicated
Sixth Form Wi- Fi in school. This not only allows them to use email and browse educational Internet
when not in an ICT suite, but also allows them to print to any printer in school from their
own device.