Unifrog helps schools deliver their statutory duty to provide students with impartial and independent guidance on their full range of career and educational options. The tool is particularly helpful because it is the only service which maintains a comprehensive set of the UK’s University courses and Apprenticeship Vacancies, and it also pulls together the widest set of data on which to compare these opportunities.

As soon as a student finishes using Unifrog, their form tutor is emailed a detailed pdf of their choices so that they can see exactly what their students have chosen and, if necessary, advise them where to make changes.

Students can share their login details with their parents, so that they can become part of the choosing process. This works particularly well because Unifrog can be accessed anytime, anywhere,  and as well as a sophisticated choosing tool, it’s been built to educate users about different pathways.

Students must obtain login details from their individual tutors.