Sport Single or Double Award Level 3

Course Highlights
Rockley park – Sailing / kayaking.
Moors Valley – orienteering
Students enjoy planning a middle school sport festival and assisting with the running and leadership of our school sports day as well as completing a First Aid course.

Course minimum entry requirements
A grade 4 in GCSE PE theory paper

Desirable skills
Communication skills
Analysing & observing
Leadership skills
Apply scientific knowledge of the body to practical/real life situations

Other subjects that work well with this course are:

  • Science
  • Psychology
  • English

The OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport Extended Certificate (single) is the equivalent to one A Level.
The OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport Diploma (double) is the equivalent to two A Levels.

For the last 4 years the PE department have produced outstanding results consistently being in the top 1% Nationally for Post 16 Sport qualifications. For example, last year all 13 students achieved a Distinction*, which is the equivalent of an A* grade. This course has lots of variety with practical units as well as sports science and exam units. There are five units (three mandatory and two optional). The focus of the course is to enhance students’ employability, so all units are directly relevant to real-life work situations.

Course overview
Students will learn through a range of different strategies including practical lessons, independent study, group work and class discussions. The course provides content that matches some aspect of Biology and Sports Science, along with practical activities such as developing coaching skills and planning fun sports events.
The students will participate in an Outdoor activity either at Rockley Park or Moors Valley, complete a First Aid course, lead middle school sports festivals and learn about how the skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and energy systems adapt during exercise.
During the two years, students will learn communication skills, leadership, analysis of performance, critical thinking and will use scientific concepts, applying them to practical situations.

Students studying Sport will:
Have a chance to develop their knowledge and understanding of the range of activities and environments within the sports sector and have the opportunity to specialise in different aspects of sports performance and sport development.

Progression routes and future careers

Transferable skills: Leadership, communication, observation and analysis, evaluating and critical thinking.
Possible careers: Physiotherapy, Personal Trainer, Exercise Scientist, Sports Scientist, PE Teacher, NHS Staff, Sport Psychology, Events Management, Leisure, Coaching.