English Language A Level

Course highlights
Visit to a First School to see how children learn.
Creative writing for different audiences.

Course minimum entry requirements:
Grade 5 English GCSE

Desirable skills
Interest in language and writing for specific audiences. Willing to contribute to discussions, work independently and in small groups.

Other subjects that work well with this course are:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Media Studies

Why study English Language at A Level?
This course is for anyone who is fascinated by the way our language works, how it evolved and how we learn it as infants. Just how is our language influenced by contextual factors as well as gender, technology and power?
Topics cover social and political themes as well as child language acquisition.

Course overview
Much of the work is analytical; you will study a variety of written and spoken texts, carry out research and formally present your findings.

  • Language, the Individual and Society.
  • Children’s language development.
  • Language Diversity and Change.
  • Analysis of how two texts present ideas, attitudes and opinions and a directed writing task.
  • Investigation of student’s own choice and a piece of original writing and commentary.

Employers are looking for people with excellent communication skills. A Level English Language will provide this necessary evidence and also demonstrate that the individual is able to work independently and think creatively.

Students studying English Language will:

  • Have a chance to research areas of student’s own interests.
  • Explore issues in how meaning is created and interpreted.
  • Investigate different aspects of how language is acquired and used.
  • Apply knowledge to analyse and evaluate a wide variety of texts.

Progression routes and future careers
English Language A Level prepares students for a wide range of future careers and is a welcome qualification for university courses. Careers include speech therapy, advertising, media, marketing, writing and journalism, academia, linguistics, foreign languages and design.